Arthroscopy can now be used to treat hip, knee and shoulder injuries.

The word arthroscopy is derived from 2 Greek words, ‘Arthros’ meaning ‘Joint’ and ‘Scope’ in meaning ‘to see’. Simply described, arthroscopy is the use of a camera to view the interior of human joints. All human joints are designed in such a way that a 4 mm camera and equipment can be safely inserted at strategic locations to allow us surgeons to observe and heal damaged tissue. Kasliwal Hospital in Nashik has an experience of10 years and treated more then 3000 joint replacement and arthroscopy patients. Dr. Vishal Kasliwal at Kasliwal hospital perform total knee replacement using the most advanced computer navigated system Stryker Nav 3 backed by dedicated laminar airflow operation theatres for joint replacement, specialized physiotherapy and rehab team , intensive care unit with round the clock intensivist for complete care. In this blog, we discussed following questions and answers for it.

Which joints of the human body can be treated by arthroscopy?

Almost all joint. Knee arthroscopy accounts for the majority of our surgical volume, followed by shoulder arthroscopy. This surgery can also be used on the elbow, ankle, wrist, and, more recently, the hip joint.

Is arthroscopy only for sportspersons?

No, the fact that the majority of arthroscopy injuries occur as a result of sports-related injuries is purely coincidental. In reality, the majority of our surgical workload is devoted to the injured athlete or non-athlete who has been injured in a home or highway accident.

What are the common knee diseases that require arthroscopy?

The most common reason for knee arthroscopy is to treat ligament problems. You may benefit from arthroscopy if you have hurt your knee in an accident or while participating in sports and feel that it is loose (unstable). Recurrent occurrences of locking of the knee in certain patients can be easily cured by arthroscopy. These days, arthroscopy is used to treat dislocations of the kneecap.

Kasliwal Hospital, which has been known for its high-quality care since 1981, has expanded with a state-of-the-art building on Gangapur Road in Nashik, which includes a centre for specialised orthopaedic services. We are one of the few centres in India that can perform Oxford Partial Knee Replacement and have the best Arthroscopy Surgeon in Nashik.

Our desire to aid in the preservation of young knees led us to become experts in procedures such as Hi-Tibial Osteotomy, cartilage surgery, meniscus repair, and ligament reconstruction.

Shoulder arthroscopy training from Dr. Jin Park (head sports surgeon for the Korean Olympic team). With great clinical outcomes, we routinely conduct procedures for repeated shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff tears, and shoulder traumas. At our center, we offer all specialized orthopedic services from fellowship-trained doctors who specialise in spine surgery and pediatrics orthopedics.