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Is it safe to participate in sports after joint replacement surgery?

Historically, the prime motive for having joint replacement surgery has been pain alleviation, but the need to improve joint function has also become a motivator for patients, particularly those who participate in sporting activities.

Patients and orthopaedic surgeons are concerned about different things after joint replacement surgery. While patients are concerned about pain relief and regaining function, surgeons are concerned about pain relief, mobility, and how long the joint replacement will last before requiring a revision if necessary. In order to extend the life of the prosthesis, joint replacement surgeons frequently advocate low-impact activities or sports to patients and insist on avoiding high-impact sports.

So you’re wondering if you can participate in physical activities after having a joint replacement. Yes, you certainly can. However, you should follow your orthopaedic doctor’s advice and be under his or her supervision.

After joint replacement surgery, are athletic activities safe?

 Following joint replacement surgery, patients require a great deal of attention. To avoid further harming their joints, they should be soft and cautious. Patients who have just undergone joint replacement surgery can, in fact, participate in athletics without risking further injury. They should, however, begin around twelve weeks after surgery. The implant would have been fully integrated into the biological system by this point.

Most experts, however, would have concerns and advise you to consider the risk or impact of your activity on your joints before participating in severe physical activities. Some of the sporting activities that are safe following joint replacement surgery are listed below.


This exercise is good for your health. Start with a few moderate steps and work your way up to longer distances. After surgery, walking will help you burn calories and stay fit.


Swimming does not require any weight lifting. As a result, it is a risk-free pastime. In reality, it aids in the flexibility of the joint as well as movement training. 


Make some slow movements in reaction to some music. Slow dance techniques are a great approach to strengthen your knee joint without injuring yourself. Dancing is an excellent way to stay attentive and flexible.

The impact of implant wear on sports performance

Joint replacements, on the other hand, actually improve joint functionality. When compared to before the procedure, a person may perform better following a joint replacement

What effect does activity have on the prosthetic joint? After a few years, the changes are completed (only if required). The patient’s level of activity may influence how quickly the joint wears out and how often it needs to be replaced.

Although no research has been done to establish the type of exercise and its effect on a prosthetic joint, most experts recommend lighter activities that do not put a lot of strain on the joints.

 What should you do prior to participating in sports?

The option you make in this case has a significant impact on your health, the length of time you will stay before undergoing revision, and the risk of subsequent harm. This is what you must do before participating in athletic activities.

  • Make an appointment with your surgeon.
  • Have a qualified sport trainer on hand.
  • Strengthen your back, knees, and hips.
  • Be aware of the dangers that come with engaging in the sport.

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