Computer Navigated Joint Replacement

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What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is Wear and Tear of joint surfaces leading to pain, swelling, stiffness and reduction in function of the joint. This restricts routine activities like walking, climbing stairs, standing, sitting o the floor etc.

What Happens in Arthritis?

A joint is formed by articulation of two bones. Within the Joint, bone ends are covered with the smooth substances called cartilage. This tough elastic material acts as a shock absorber and allows the bone ends to glide smoothly across each other during joint movement. If the cartilage is destroyed, the bones of a joint can grind against each other causing pain, loss of mobility, deformity and dysfunction.

Can Arthritis be Cured?    

 No, the cartridge cannot re-grow (regenerate). Only in early arthritis, the pain can be controlled with the use of medications, exercises, braces, injections, etc.

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Is there a permanent Treatment?

The permanent relief in advanced arthritis can only be achieved by Restoring the smooth surface and Correcting the limb alignment  Joint (Hip & Knee) Replacement is the only lasting solution

For your Thoughts

The joint replacement is similar to replacing a worn out car tyre. Only perfectly aligned and balanced tyre lasts long and functions properly. Even minor error leads to disastrous wear and tear.


knee Replacement surgeon in Nashik-Dr vishal kasliwal

Now a days even the car tyres are aligned with the help of computer. Why not our joint ?

Technical Details :

Computer Assisted Hip & Knee Replacement with Stryker Computer Navigation System(Made in Germany)Name of Instrument – NAV3

Major Components

3D Tracking Device with Infra-Red Camera for Real –time Data Collection during Surgery (Works like a Satellite).

Computer with cordless Monitor & interactive 3D Interface (Works as Path Planner)

Operative Steps

  • Data acquisition from patient during surgery
  • Computer prepares customized digital bone model of the joint at the beginning of the surgery.
  • Patient specific Computerised Planning
  • With implant specific software, the computer accurately plans the cuts on the bones and the placement of implant.
  • During the surgery each step is navigated, verified and rectified to the accuracy of 0.5 mm and 0.5 degree.
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Advantages of Computer Image Guided Joint Replacement


  • Big incision
  • Requires drilling a hole in the femur Increases complication 
  • Pain for several day
  • Difficult and long recovery
  • Long physiotherapy    
  • Hospitalization for a week or longer                
  • Requirement for antibiotics longer                                          


  • small and very small incision
  • less chances of complications like blood loss, pulmonary embolism, etc.
  • Avoids Drilling in hole in femur-safe
  • Minimal pain for only a day or so
  • Short and smooth recovery physiotherapy
  • Hospitalization for a week or longer               
  • Requirement for antibiotics longer
  • Back to work early Perfect Alignment & Balancing of knee
    Joint (with accuracy of 0.5 mm; 0.5 degrees)
    Elimination of Human Error during surgery
    Increased implant longevity
What is Joint  (Hip & Knee) Replacement? It is removal of irregular and worn out joint Surfaces and replacing them with new Artificial surface (implant). Who needs Hip & Knee Replacement?
  • Patients with severe joint pain on activities of daily living.
  • Stiffness in the joint. along with deformity.
  • Needs medicines every day for pain
  • X ray Suggestive of advanced arthritis
What are the benefits of Hip & Knee Replacement?
  • Joint becomes normal, No pain,
  • No stiffness, No deformity
  • Painless movements of the new joint
  • Resumption of normal daily activities
  • No medicines are required for the joint
  • Quality of life improves remarkably
Joint Replacement Surgery is one of the most successful surgery of 20th century but conventional method of joint replacement has limitation.         
  • Chance of human error during operation
  • Possibility of poor alignment of joint
  • Improper balancing of joint may lead to painful movements.
  • The placement of implant may be unsatisfactory during surgery
The success of joint replacement surgery depends on greater accuracy and precision. For long term success, three things are absolutely necessary:-
  1. Perfection – using the best material and technology available in surgery.
  2. Surgeon’s experience and skill – after all, the surgery is done by the surgeon, all the planning and precision is executed by the surgeon himself.
  3. Infrastructure facilities – to accomplish complication free outcome.
Arthroscopy Surgeon in Nashik-dr vishal kasliwal
Arthroscopy Surgeon in Nashik-dr vishal kasliwal