Joint Replacement in Nashik- Dr vishal Kasliwal

Understanding Joint Replacement Surgeries

Joint replacement is a surgical procedure that involves removing damaged knee parts and replacing them with an artificial device. This is designed to return the person to a state of smooth movement. Hip and knee replacement surgeries are the most common joint replacement surgeries. Joint replacement surgery is recommended for people who have lost knee function or discomfort and have tried all other conservative treatments.


In all surgeries involving complicated processes, there are undoubtedly risks. A disc is used to replace the ends of the shin and thigh bones in this surgery. Blood clots or infections are possible complications during joint replacement surgery. Another issue that patients suffer after surgery is weakness and stiffness in the replaced joints. Adequate post-acute care rehabilitation is critical to the recovery process. The rehab plan, which includes food, exercise, and medications, must be followed for optimal recovery. The implant may dislocate or become loose on rare instances. Furthermore, any implant can wear out after around 20 years, indicating that it is time for another surgery.


It is important to be aware of your needs and to stay in contact with reputable doctors. However, you should be careful not to fall for empty promises that promise you youthful vibrancy after surgery. The reality is that you will not be able to move as freely as you did in your youth after joint replacement surgery. However, it would undoubtedly alleviate the pain.  If you are in Nashik then, Visit Dr. Vishal Kasliwal, Who is the best Surgeon for Joint Replacement in Nashik.


There are, however, numerous advantages for anyone considering total knee replacement surgery. Severe discomfort that previously hampered your regular activities such as walking, shopping, and so on is no longer an issue. The nighttime pain caused by stiffness in your knees has vanished. It would be corrected if you had bowleg or knock knees.


Some of the consequences unique to the knee include drug allergies, blood loss (which may require transfusion), and nerve obstruction, which can lead to heart attacks, renal failures, strokes, pneumonia, and other infections. In an ideal world, 90 to 95 percent of surgeries would last for roughly 15 years; however, this relies entirely on the patient’s age and activity level.


Kasliwal Orthopedic Hospital in Nashik, known for its high-quality care since 1981, has expanded with a state-of-the-art unit on Gangapur Road in Nashik, which features a specialized orthopedic treatment center.

The team is led by Dr. Vishal Kasliwal, who has over 10 years of experience and has conducted over 3000 successful joint replacement and arthroscopy surgeries. He is a leading Orthopedic Doctor Nashik.


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